Litigation Solicitors in Teddington

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We routinely assist a wide range of clients at CAS, including landlords, tenants, developers, property management firms, and public agencies. We have Litigation Solicitors in Teddington who can provide experienced assistance regardless of the size of your company. When dealing with challenging disagreements you can rely on our experienced Litigation Lawyers in Teddington to operate with the delicacy and care that you would expect when trying to reach an acceptable resolution.

We know that early involvement is desirable to resolve a conflict and without going to court. However, we also recognise that this is not always the greatest way of ensuring a satisfactory outcome. Our skilled solicitors appreciate the need to act fast to safeguard our clients’ interests and help you through the entire procedure with ease. We have skilled counsel who will represent you in court if necessary. We also have excellent working ties with professional barristers with whom we collaborate closely when necessary.

Litigation Solicitors in Teddington

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Alternative dispute resolution (‘ADR’) is frequently an appropriate approach for resolving property issues, and we will provide you with comprehensive advice in this regard. Whilst each case is unique, ADR can often bring a property dispute to a quick resolution and, if successful, is less expensive than going to trial. In addition, we can help you organise, prepare, and represent yourself in several areas of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, expert determination, and arbitration.

When a disagreement arises, it is critical to move promptly; grasp what is at stake, and know what steps must be taken to resolve it. Our team of dispute and Litigation Solicitors in Teddington will make sure you understand the challenges you are dealing with and the risks you are taking. We will help you to devise a plan to get you where you want to go. We will try to keep the case out of court if we can, but if it has to go to court, we will fight for you to get the best possible result.

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We have a rising national reputation as a recognised UK law company and deal with a diverse range of organisations due to our business approach. Although we have specialist teams for finance, real estate, and commercial dispute resolution, our professionals handle disputes for corporations and individuals across a wide range of industries. Call us at 02039300780 to learn more about what our solicitors have to offer.

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