About Us

At Consult a solicitor, we aid people with their legal requirements by connecting them to experienced and qualified solicitors in the UK. We would always be able to find you the right legal advice in any given area of law. You can always post your legal matters on our platform, and our network of experienced solicitors will get in touch with you.


We are on a mission to assist people in a legal muddle by connecting them with top solicitors in the UK. Instead of surfing on the web or asking for referrals and recommendations, our registered users can post their legal requirements on our site, and an experienced solicitor of the very legal genre will reach out to you as soon as possible.


We envision being the one-stop solution for finding solicitors of different niches in the UK.

How do we work?

  • To access our services, you have to select the type of solicitor that you require for your legal case. Define the geographical radius in which you would like to reach out to legal professionals.
  • Describe your legal matter briefly and justify why you need a solicitor. Note that your personal information will be kept completely confidential until you accept a bid.
  • Depending on the brief you entered and the type of location you selected, solicitors will contact you with their queries and quotes.

For more details or to find a solicitor, get in touch with us at info@consultasolicitor.co.uk, or check our website.