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Has your employer committed any unlawful action that negatively affected your employee privileges and benefits? Has your colleague, superior or subordinate mistreated you in your workplace? Then it’s high time that you start thinking about hiring work and employment law solicitors in Hounslow. Professional employment solicitors play an instrumental role in handling legal conflicts between an employer and an employee. They can aid to handle different legal issues related to wrongful termination, contract violation, and harassment in the workplace.

Whether you are an ordinary employee or the boss, hiring employment law solicitors in Hounslow is essential if you are struggling with instances of sexual harassment in the workplace, discrimination, or any other employment-related problems.

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Employment Law Solicitors in Hounslow

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Employment law professionals at Consult A Solicitor provide valuable advice and insights on some of the most significant employment matters. You can hire an employment law professional for the following causes:

  • To create and pursue contract
  • To help you comply with government requirements
  • To protect your employee-rights
  • To report harassment, abuse or discrimination instances in the workplace
  • To help you in scaling and restructuring your business
  • To represent you legally during negotiations

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You can contact an employment solicitor for advice regarding the terms and conditions in your employment contract. They can analyze the agreement and illuminate clauses that will benefit both the employer and employee.

Yes, you can get in touch with an employment solicitor if your company, or colleague is in any sort of violation of the labour law. However, most employees don’t opt for legal expertise as they are unaware of their rights at the workplace.

If your employer doesn’t take its obligation to its employees genuinely and seriously, you can sue your employer while you are still employed, or shortly after.

To find out the same, it’s better that you contact our expert employment solicitors. They can guide you regarding your queries and render suggestions about whether you can file a legal suit or not.

You can sue your employer for negligent infliction of emotional distress if your employer acted negligently or caused severe emotional stress in the workplace.