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The intellectual property contains inventions, designs, symbols, names, artistic work, graphics that are used in commerce. Nowadays, many businesses have intellectual property as a key asset. Thus, the protection of intellectual property rights is very important. If you realise that someone is trying to harm your intellectual property rights. Then, you must have to contact the most famous Intellectual Property Rights solicitors in Hounslow.

The protection of intellectual property rights will be responsible for increasing the business profitability. All creations of your mind need special protection under the law of intellectual property rights. Registered logos, patents, and copyright are also included in the intellectual property right protection.

Our services for intellectual property rights

Our firm of specialist intellectual property solicitors are experts in UK intellectual property law. With the help of their vast knowledge, you can use your creativity to grow your business. We are specialists to advise on:

  • Trademark and registered logos
  • IP litigation relating to copyright, design right, patent and passing off
  • Programs of brand protection
  • Assignments of intellectual property

Property Solicitors in Hounslow

Are you feeling a burden while buying or selling a property? Because it’s a stressful time to make the right decision. Are you a property investor or a private individual who wishes to solve the property issues? Then forget your worries, our expert team of property solicitors is here to help you. Services of our property solicitors

  • Help to buy a property
  • Shared ownership
  • Transfer of equity
  • Residential and commercial investment property

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  • Our solicitors are experts in their field
  • We offer the budget-friendly services
  • Satisfied clients from different fields such as software developers, software consultancy businesses and franchises
  • Delivering the quality service
  • Expert to solve all property matters
  • Timely and effective advice

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Intellectual property solicitors are available to provide complete guidance about the process of acquiring and protecting intellectual rights.

Intellectual property law protects inventions, music, brands, designs, trademarks and other works which are considered as “intellectual property”.

Infringement is one of the most common types of intellectual property that faces violation.

The average time taken by the property solicitor to complete the process of purchasing is approximately 8 to 12 weeks.

You should have to consider the fees, recommendations and especially the credentials of solicitors.