Immigration Lawyers in Luton

Top Three Cases Where You Should Hire The Best Immigration Lawyers in Luton

Immigration Solicitors play a major role in guiding you through the whole immigration process, starting from the eligibility and application process to settlement. If you are planning to bring along your family, our immigration solicitors based in Luton can help you there too. So, if you are trying to immigrate to the UK and you need an experienced immigration lawyer, head over to Consult A Solicitor to find the best and most capable immigration lawyers in Luton.

Experience is of the essence when dealing with any complex and sensitive situation like immigration. And the best immigration lawyers will have sufficient liaising power with the Home Office along with vast and diverse experience in dealing with immigration cases.

Immigration Lawyers in Luton

Three Situations Where You Need To Hire The Best Immigration Lawyers in Luton

The following scenarios are the most common, where you will need an immigration lawyer. However, there are more cases like asylum seeking and possible deportation, where our immigration lawyers can help a great deal, but they are usually less common.

Corporate Immigration:

Corporate immigration is behind a huge percentage of the total number of immigrants. Our immigration lawyers in Luton regularly advise individuals and companies regarding corporate immigration around the world. They assist companies, who are trying to hire skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers, in Sponsor licence applications and renewals. They also help individuals in getting a startup, innovator or investor visa.

Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILR)

Getting Indefinite Leave to Remain is the first step towards getting the British Citizenship. It means you can live and work in the UK without any time restriction.

The prerequisites for getting ILR are particularly complex. The application process includes a lot of paperwork and you need to have already lived in the UK for a substantial period of time with a necessary visa prior to the application. You may also need to pass the Life in the UK test and satisfy the English Language requirement. Our immigration lawyers can appropriately handle your paperwork and guide you through the application process.

Application For British Citizenship

ILR and Citizenship by Naturalisation are the two steps before getting a British Residency. However, getting British Citizenship is the most cumbersome process. A lot of conditions are to be met and a lot of paperwork is to be filed, before you get the much coveted British Citizenship. You will need help from seasoned immigration lawyers for both the application process and for liaising with the Home Office regarding your case.

For all immigration related advice and help and to hire experienced immigration lawyers in Luton, head over to Consult A Solicitor.

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