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CAS is a platform on which you can connect with the best Family law solicitors Birmingham. Each professional here is an expert who can advise clients on family disputes and childcare arrangements.

You are at the right place if you have a hard time with court negotiations, representing and advising parents through the child-protection process, childcare, and advising prospective parents on adoption and surrogacy processes throughout Birmingham and beyond. When parents divorce, children, particularly those old enough to express their opinions, often feel trapped, caught in the middle of their parents’ feud and anxious to please both parents.

Furthermore, it is said that children often feel their own opinions are lost in their parents’ disagreements. Therefore, what is eventually decided or ordered is often not what the child wants or what is best for them. However, the Family Lawyers Birmingham at CAS are cautious about the gravity of situations and will interact likewise with people going through tough times.

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At CAS, we place a high value on equality, diversity, and inclusion, so we devote so much time and effort to making our employees happy.

Family law solicitors in Birmingham

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As an accredited platform for finding Family Lawyers Birmingham, we assist clients in connecting with the perfect solicitors. When you call us, our team notes your issues and suggests an expert lawyer based on your requirement.

Whether it is a case of divorce, child custody, adoption, parenting, or any other general family problems, our lawyers can take it forward on your behalf. You have to be honest during your meeting and trust their solutions until the end.

As mentioned earlier, our experts can also assist with creating parenting plans. A parenting plan is a set of questions designed to help parents talk about all elements of their children’s lives, both now and in the future, and it can be shared with the court if there is a disagreement. It includes everything from schooling to the introduction of new partners and is intended to prevent arguments and multiple court filings. For more information, you can email us at or call 02039300780.

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