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Reckless driving is a group of offences that may be charged as “jailable offences.” Combine that fact with the risk of a fine of up to $2,500, and it’s easy to see why anyone ticketed for these infractions should immediately seek the assistance of an experienced Dangerous and Careless Driving Solicitors Richmond.

Richmond Reckless Driving Charges

A comprehensive list of the methods in which someone in Richmond can be charged with reckless driving includes the following:

  • By Accident, Reckless Driving
  • By Speed, Reckless Driving
  • Driving with a clouded view or limited ability to control
  • Reckless Due to Lack of Control
  • Reckless About One’s Life, Limb, Or Property

Conviction of one or more of these offences may also result in the addition of six demerit points to your Virginia DMV driving record, which may remain on your record for an additional 11 years. Additionally, if prosecutors establish that you were employing a handheld device (including an iPod) while driving recklessly [Section 46.2-1078.1], a $125 fine will be added to the amount previously assessed for reckless driving [Section 46.2-868(C)].

Dangerous and Careless Driving Solicitors Richmond

The Benefits of connecting with a professional Richmond Reckless Driving Lawyer

One factor that makes these infractions more dangerous than typical “pay and leave” tickets is that they are punishable by imprisonment. However, reckless driving attorneys and prosecutors frequently work out plea agreements before trial.

Your Richmond Reckless Driving Lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea to a less serious moving offence, such as improper driving or basic speeding. Both of these offences carry a fine of significantly less than $2,500 and carry no jail time.

However, receiving a ticket for reckless driving does not automatically result in a conviction. There could be a rationale behind this, and perhaps your speedometer was out of calibration and recorded a substantially lower speed than the one you were penalised for.

Additional mitigating circumstances that may work in your favour at trial include the following:

  • A medical emergency that influenced the alleged driving acts
  • If you were penalised for reckless speeding, you might have calibration difficulties with the police officer’s radar gun.
  • If you have never been convicted of a traffic violation; your clean driving record

Traffic court judges have some discretion in determining how you should be penalised. Due to their familiarity with this local jurisdiction, its prosecutors and judges, experienced Dangerous and Careless Driving Solicitors Richmond, know how to present your case and yourself to the court. Call us on 02039300780 to get an appointment with a CAS expert.

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