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A will, also known as a testament, is a legal document in which a person, known as the testator, states their desires for how their property should be dispersed after they die, and names one or more people, known as the executors, to administer the estate until its final distribution.

At CAS, we approach will writing with a sympathetic ear, years of experience, and a desire to make the process as easy as possible for you and your family.

The entire process can take less than two weeks with CAS Wills and Probate solicitors. We will email you a draft will within a week after seeing you. We will try to schedule a meeting to sign the will within the week after you have accepted it.

Why Do You Need To Make A Will?

Writing a solid and unambiguous will is one of the most critical steps you can take to preserve your assets, finances, and possessions when you pass away, ensuring that your loved ones receive what you want them to with the least amount of hassle. You’re not just safeguarding your legacy; you’re also ensuring the safety of those closest to you before and after you pass away.

Some people believe that wills are only necessary for the highly rich or those with complicated holdings. There are, nonetheless, numerous compelling reasons to have a will.

  • You have complete control over who receives your assets. You have complete control over who gets what and how much.
  • You can keep your assets out of the hands of persons you don’t want them to come into contact with (like an estranged relative).
  • You can decide who will look after your children. The courts will decide if there is no will.
  • Your heirs will be able to access your assets more quickly and easily.

You can prepare to save money on taxes for your estate. You can also make gifts and charity donations to reduce your estate tax liability. According to intestacy rules, if you die without leaving a will, whatever you leave behind will be distributed. This means that your assets and property will be split among your surviving relatives according to a set of rules rather than according to your and your loved ones’ preferences. So, you should consult a solicitor at CAS to learn more about the procedure and get help in the execution.

Wills and Probate Solicitors in Ilford

Do you require the services of Wills and Probate Solicitors in Ilford?

Yes, you should consult with a Solicitor when drafting your will. If you make your own will, you run the danger of not signing it in line with the law or using wording that could be misconstrued or twisted after your death.

Many persons who would otherwise be considered beneficiaries of your inheritance but aren’t can hire their own Wills and Probate solicitors in Ilford to exploit any loopholes you may have unwittingly put in your will to establish a claim to your assets. By contacting CAS Solicitors and ensuring that you leave exactly what you wish to, you can preserve your estate and beneficiaries.

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