Sexual Offence Solicitors in London

Consult a solicitor at CAS for rape and sexual offence prosecution

CAS has defended sexual allegations ranging from rape to sexual assault, historical abuse charges, grooming offences, and cases involving indecent photos and sexual communication with children. We routinely represent professionals in fields such as education, medicine, and caregiving, as well as acting in cases of alleged marital or “date rape.”

Many of our Sexual Offence Solicitors guide in human trafficking and prostitution matters. Applications to vary or discharge Sexual Offences Prevention Orders and Sexual Harm Prevention Orders are handled by professionals.

In terms of Crown Court acquittals, we have a strong track record. During the investigation (pre-charge) stage, we are frequently advised to consider proactive efforts to avoid charges being filed.

Individuals facing sexual misconduct claims are frequently of excellent character and have no prior criminal justice background. Being arrested for the first time is a terrifying event made even more so when the charge is sexual. On the line are reputations, relationships, and careers.

Rape and Sexual Offence Solicitors in London

Sexual offence allegations: proactive defence

It’s critical to obtain timely legal guidance from Sexual Offence Solicitors because a lot can be done ahead of time. We will always attempt to develop early pre-charge engagement with investigators and dissect all aspects of the case against our client.

This could include pointing them to evidence that supports the defence position, such as text messages, emails, and other types of technological communication:

  • Internet and other sources of information
  • Relevant medical evidence
  • Surveillance cameras are being used to find out what’s going on
  • Timelines and chronologies in the defence’s favour
  • Use of social media

We locate and interview witnesses who will assist the defence case and invite the police to talk with these people. We may occasionally bring information to the attention of rape and sexual offence solicitors in London to explain why a complaint was filed.

If a client has been charged, we will continue to contest the prosecution, reminding them, if necessary, of their constant need to assess the merits of their case. They must keep an eye on whether or not a conviction is still a realistic possibility. As a case progresses, it may get weaker, and we may be able to draw the Crown’s attention to flaws in their case, bringing the prosecution to a close before trial. This is a delicate subject, but we will constantly keep it in mind. To connect with our rape and sexual offence solicitors in London, you can call at 02039300780 or email at

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