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Burglary Defense – Burglary is the act of trespassing into a building to conduct a crime such as causing bodily harm, stealing property, or causing property damage to the building. Burglary carries a maximum sentence of ten years in jail; however, if the crime occurred in someone’s house, the penalty should be increased to fourteen years.

Theft – The act of taking someone else’s property without their permission is known as theft. Theft charges can be adjudicated in magistrates’ or crown courts, depending on the amount stolen, and carries a maximum term of seven years in jail.

Robbery is a crime that entails taking or attempting to take anything by force or by instilling fear in someone, with or without the intent to harm them physically. The law defines robbery as stealing another’s things or property to deprive him of that property through fear or force permanently.

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What is the primary offence?

Section 9 of the 1968 Act establishes charges requiring proof that the defendant trespassed in any building or portion of a building.

Section 9(1)(a) is concerned with proving that the input was made with the aim of:

  • Inflicting harm
  • Committing damage
  • Stealing

9(1) (b) deals with proving that defendant:

  • Has stolen something
  • Inflicted or attempted to inflict bodily harm on another person
Robbery, Theft and Burglary Solicitors; London

Offences under the Theft Act

The purpose of the Theft Act of 1968 is to equip prosecutors with all of the information they need to make critical choices and prosecute cases.

Concerns of a General Nature

In England and Wales, Part 1 Criminal Justice Act 1993 grants jurisdiction for acts of dishonesty as defined in section 1 of the Act. The defendant was not a British citizen at the time, or the defendant was not in Wales or England.

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