Motoring and Driving Offense Solicitors in Richmond

Trust us for Motoring and Driving Offense Solicitors in Richmond

CAS has established a reputation as a leader in defense of persons accused of traffic offenses and has assisted numerous clients in avoiding disqualifications that may have had a major influence on their lives. Our Motoring and Driving Offense Solicitors in Richmond are experienced in representing a wide range of clients, including everyday motorists, professionals, and celebrities from the sports and entertainment sectors. Every client receives the highest level of service and benefits from our knowledge.

Motoring and Driving Offense Solicitors in Richmond have extensive experience in drunk driving, speeding, and cell phone offenses and thoroughly understand motoring legislation. We have successfully defended many clients throughout the years. 

Offenses of Drunk Driving in Richmond

Drinking and driving (drunk driving) are the most serious driving offenses that usually result in a 12-month suspension unless you can prove that mitigating circumstances caused you to be drunk driving a motor vehicle while over the blood alcohol limit. One method to avoid a drink driving ban is to dispute and defend against the allegation with one of our motoring crime driving solicitors.

Richmond Speeding Violations

Have you been accused of driving too fast? Don’t risk losing your license or bearing a fine — Motoring Offense Solicitors can help you keep it.How long do tickets for a speeding stay on your license? The tickets you obtain for speeding will stay on your license for four years, starting from the date of the offense.

To convict someone of speeding, the prosecution must show that the defendant: was driving, was driving a motor vehicle, was driving on a public road or in a public location, or was driving at a speed that exceeded the speed limit for that road/place.

Trust us for Motoring and Driving Offense Solicitors in Richmond

Richmond Drug Driving Offenses

Don’t risk a drug driving ban if you’ve been charged with driving While Unfit Due to the Influence of Drugs (drug driving). New legislation makes it much easier to punish someone for so-called “drug driving.” A simple blood test conducted by a medical practitioner at the police station can determine whether an individual is over the legal limit.

A person who has been charged with drug driving will have to appear in court. Driving Solicitors recommends that you keep your blood sample refrigerated and get professional counsel from one of our experienced DUI lawyers as soon as possible. Call us at 02039300780 to speak to one of our best Motoring Offense Solicitors.

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