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Is it possible for Immigration Lawyers in Ealing to Get a Visa application?

A married couple may settle in the United Kingdom with the assistance of a Spouse Visa. However, you or your partner must be a British citizen or a settled person to be eligible. This visa is valid for up to 33 months and may qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Our Immigration Lawyers in Ealing will inform you about the latest procedures and help you acquire the VISA at the soonest opportunity.

Before submitting your application for a Spouse Visa, you must check that you meet all legal requirements with the CAS immigration solicitor. This involves meeting your partner physically at least once before the marriage and meeting particular financial and housing requirements. Additionally, you must demonstrate that your wedding is not for convenience or deception by presenting pertinent proof.

In other words, you must assemble a collection of supporting documents to avoid your application being delayed or denied. As a result, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of Immigration Lawyers in Ealing.

Our immigration consultants in Ealing have already aided several clients in obtaining Spouse Visas. We would gladly support you and your partner and communicate with the Home Office to ensure that your application is successful and that you can both live together in the UK.

Immigration Lawyers in Ealing

Does our Ealing immigration law firm provide services to UK businesses?

If you are an employer based in the United Kingdom and interested in hearing from overseas workers, you must first pass the Resident Labour Market Test. The most critical requirement is that you possess a valid Sponsor Licence.

To qualify, you must demonstrate that you are a legitimate business based and functioning in the United Kingdom. Additionally, you must specify the type of worker you require (temporary or permanent) and establish that no local worker is qualified to fill those roles. In other words, you must demonstrate your ability to fulfil your employer responsibilities.

Your Sponsor Licence will be valid for four years after it is received

Applying for a Sponsor Licence can be challenging due to the many supporting documents necessary. As a result, you can always rely on the assistance of knowledgeable Immigration Lawyers in Ealing. Our team is knowledgeable about UK immigration law and can aid you in submitting a successful application. Contact our staff today to learn more. To book an immigration solicitor at CAS, you can call on 02039300780.

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