Failing to Provide A Specimen Solicitors Richmond

If You’ve Been Arrested In Richmond For Failing To Provide A Specimen, What Do You Do?

When most people realise that refusing to deliver a sample to a police officer is a criminal offence under the Criminal Code, they are taken aback. Refusal is regarded as a major criminal offence that carries harsh penalties. If the police suspect you of being inebriated while driving, they will request a breath, urine, or blood sample, and if you refuse, you will be charged with failing to submit a breath sample.

Failure to submit a specimen has the same penalties as a regular DUI, including nationwide driver’s licence suspension, a fine, and a criminal record. Our firm includes some of Richmond’s most well-known Failing to Provide A Specimen Solicitors Richmond, UK. We are committed to ensuring your safety and protection from all ramifications resulting from a failure to provide charge.

In Richmond, UK failure to provide a specimen is an offence

A refusal to give a breath sample In Richmond, UK a DUI offence is considered a serious felony prosecuted aggressively. It is critical that your Failing to Provide A Specimen Solicitors Richmond prepares your case so that the Crown drops the charges.

The lawyer may put up a case based on the breath or blood tests and get them overturned in court. If you fail to give a specimen, you will not only be charged with Refusal but your defence will be weakened as well.

Failing to Provide A Specimen Solicitors Richmond

Physical sobriety tests and failure to provide a specimen by the Richmond police

If a Richmond police officer has cause to believe you are impaired by alcohol and have driven a car in the last three hours, they may ask you to do basic physical sobriety tests to assess your coordination.

Physical sobriety tests may include, among other things, walking heel to toe or standing on one leg. If you refuse to produce a specimen or take the physical sobriety test when the police demand it, you will be charged with failure to provide a breath sample or specimen.

The police do not have to read you your Charter Rights, such as your right to call a lawyer, before compelling you to do a physical sobriety test, and they do not have to wait until you consult with your lawyer before requiring you to perform the test.

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