Driving and Motoring Offence Solicitors London

You need the best Driving and Motoring Offence Solicitors London for your case

We have over 20 years of expertise defending road traffic cases and understand how stressful this period can be, especially when your driver’s licence is on the line. Whether you are pleading not guilty or guilty to achieve a mild punishment, our Driving and Motoring Offence Solicitors London ensure that you receive the best available legal advice as quickly as possible. Moreover, they offer you proactive guidance on what proof or paperwork you require.

Our Motoring Offence Solicitors can gather evidence against you and advise you on its strength. We can help you with things like returning a Notice of Intent to Prosecute, totting up, applying to have your disqualification lifted early, and applying for exceptional grounds or hardship. We have represented clients who have been investigated or charged with:

  • Careless driving resulting in death
  • Driving after the consumption of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving while ineligible due to any other issue
  • Driving without a valid driver’s licence
  • Driving without insurance, which is also a serious offence
  • Failure to halt
  • Failure to locate a driver
  • Failure to report a collision
  • Inattentive driving
  • Fixing penalty
  • Perilous driving
  • Speeding Using a cell phone while driving is illegal
Driving and Motoring Offence Solicitors London

If you have received a summons, what should you do?

Suppose you have been served with a summons to appear in court. In that case, you should call us right away to get legal advice about your case, the evidence against you, any defences you may have, whether you should plead not guilty or guilty, and the anticipated outcome.

We provide a fixed cost service because Legal Aid is rarely available for traffic problems, although we are delighted to advise you on your chances of receiving it. You could already have a legal expenses insurance policy in place, and we will make sure you know exactly how much everything will cost straight away.

Is it possible that I will get disqualified?

The penalties you face and a history of driving offences will determine whether you are disqualified. If you are in danger of being disqualified, we can help.

Some speeding offences can result in a temporary licence suspension, and a necessary disqualification period will be imposed for some violations. If you have 12 or more points on your licence (total) in the last three years, you may face a six-month suspension.

If you are in danger of being disqualified, you must contact us as soon as possible. We might be able to persuade you that you should not be disqualified or that you should be disqualified for a shorter amount of time.

Consult a solicitor at CAS immediately if you require an expert road traffic & motoring Offence solicitor in London to help you with your case. Please phone us at 02039300780 or email us at info@consultasolicitor.co.uk, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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