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When relationships go wrong, we recognise that you’re usually not at your best — professionally or emotionally. We expect you to be disturbed, anxious, or even angry when you first contact our Divorce Solicitors in Oxford. That’s not a problem; we’re used to it.

We are a platform that connects you to the best Divorce Lawyers in Oxford. So, you can trust our attorneys for the following:


When you’re divorcing, you have to sort through your emotions, cash, and other belongings. The best Divorce Solicitors in Oxford on CAS help you relax by providing practical, down-to-earth counsel.

  • First and foremost, you must establish your position. Then, we go over the fundamentals, how to get started, and what you should do next.
  • We ensure that your divorce or civil partnership dissolution petition is accurate regarding jurisdiction, grounds, claims for financial assistance, and fees.
  • We can assist you in any difficult instances where the other party refuses to sign documents.
  • We keep the procedure administrative so that you don’t have to go to court.
  • We make it more probable that your petition will be approved by the court without any rejections or costly amendments, keeping you away from a defended divorce (the most excellent and fastest way to spend money on attorneys genuinely).
Divorce solicitors


If you live in Oxford and are considering divorce or separation, your and your partner’s communication has already broken down. So the first thing you do is recruit the best Divorce Lawyers in Oxford, and they will help you through the entire journey.

Bringing in the lawyers at that moment is like bringing in the artillery, and you’re soon caught up in an unpleasant, expensive arms competition that no one wants. Mediation with Family First is the most effective approach to prevent an arms race from escalating.

Since you are in the same room, mediation is speedier and more efficient than litigation. Rather than paying lawyers to mail letters back and forth, you ask real-time questions, make real-time decisions, and get real-time feedback on those questions and decisions.

To be genuinely effective in mediation, you’ll need someone who can help you get out of your shell, help you communicate what you want, slow things down, and ensure that everyone understands everything. Someone objective but firm and who will give you straight-talking advice to assist you both obtain what you need.

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