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Dangerous Driving is the most severe traffic violation a driver can face

This is mirrored in the Courts’ sentencing powers since if convicted, the Court can impose a two-year prison sentence, as well as extended disqualification periods and elongated re-tests when the motorist reapplies for their driver’s licence. That is why it is wise to connect with knowledgeable Dangerous and Careless Driving Solicitors Hounslow during the earliest stages.

To convict someone of a Hazardous Driving offence, the prosecution must establish that the defendant’s driving standard was considerably below the minimum average required of a competent and punctilious driver and that driving in such a manner would be apparent to a qualified, conscientious driver.

Dangerous / Reckless Driving Causes Death

The Court’s sentencing powers are considerably reduced if the conviction is causing death through careless driving (only). The maximum term that can be issued is five years in prison, and this will be accompanied by a mandatory one-year driving suspension or 3 to 11 penalty points.

The prosecution must prove that the defendant’s driving was a cause of the deceased’s death, as explained above. ‘More than a remote or insignificant link’ is the criterion, not the cause.

The prosecution must also prove that the defendant was either unfit to drive or unwilling to furnish an evidentiary specimen for analysis for the traffic offence of causing Death by Careless Driving.

Our Dangerous Driving Offence Solicitors in Hounslow understand that any allegation of serious injury or death affects the victims and the person who is accused. We provide special attention to individuals whose liberty and family life are in jeopardy due to these allegations. Even if the client is not guilty of any wrongdoing, the entire procedure can be unpleasant in the circumstances involving a death.

Dangerous and Careless Driving Solicitors Hounslow

The Law in England and Wales on Causing Death by Dangerous Driving

In the UK, causing death through dangerous driving is considered the most serious traffic offence. A term of up to 14 years in prison is essentially unavoidable in the event of a conviction.

In addition to a prison sentence, the court has the authority to prohibit the offender from driving (for a minimum of two years) and force the offender to complete an extended driving test if they attempt to reapply for a licence after the driving prohibition has expired.

With such seriousness attached to this crime, persons accused of this crime must obtain expert help from respected and experienced Dangerous Driving Offence Solicitors in Hounslow as soon as possible after an occurrence occurs. The committed team of lawyers at CAS have a wealth of experience in the legislation relating to all hazardous driving offences. Call on 02039300780 to speak to an expert.

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