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You’ll need legal guidance and representation as quickly as possible if you’ve been arrested on suspicion of committing a crime. You have the right to free legal advice as soon as you arrive at the police station, as well as in some situations if the matter proceeds to a court hearing. So, you can speak to some of the top-rated Criminal Defence Solicitors Maidstone on CAS.

Instructing a legal expert to assist and guide you through the initial interrogation process will protect you from several potential dangers. In rare cases, strong legal directives might help to raise the possibilities of lower charges, bail, or even charges being dismissed.

Our  Criminal Solicitors have extensive experience in a wide range of criminal matters involving both individual defendants and businesses, including fraud, carelessness, and corporate manslaughter, to mention a few.

We offer a full variety of services, including conference advice, police station representation, and Magistrates’ and Crown Court representation. We aspire to deliver these services three hundred and sixty-five days a year, regardless of the day or hour.

We use a file ownership system, which means that one of our lawyers will be responsible for your case from beginning to end. We feel that this is the most effective means of building a trusting relationship between solicitor and client, as well as ensuring that service and advice are provided consistently.

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Why should you go to Criminal Defence Solicitors Maidstone?

We have Legal Aid Agency contracts in criminal law, allowing us to provide Legal Aid to people who qualify.

Our criminal law specialists can handle allegations ranging from advising you at the police station to representing you in court, including but not limited to:

  • assault, including grievous bodily harm and actual bodily harm;
  • domestic violence, mental or physical abuse, including gaslighting and coercive or controlling behaviour;
  • drug possession, drug dealing, or drug importation;
  • harassment and stalking;
  • Murder, manslaughter, and causing death by dangerous driving;
  • possession of an offensive weapon or bladed article;
  • sexual offences, including rape, child exploitation, and the downloading of indecent images;
  • theft, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000;

They will also represent you at your trial, sentencing hearings, and any appeals you may have against a conviction or punishment.

Clients held at the police station receive free legal aid, while those appearing in court must pass a means and merits test. Our solicitors are all familiar with Legal Aid requirements and will be able to assist you with your application. We provide a number of private client packages customized to your financial circumstances and geared at offering a first-class service at affordable fees for clients who are not eligible for Legal Aid.

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