Common Assault Solicitors in Hounslow

Assaults often take only a few seconds but have long-term consequences for those involved

Many ordinary people may find themselves the subject of an assault investigation. If you’ve been accused of assault, we realise how stressful it can be, and we’ll do everything we can to handle your case with care and thoroughness.

Our team of experienced common assault Solicitors in Hounslow routinely represents persons accused of attacks ranging from common assault to grievous bodily harm. Common Assault can range from inducing somebody to fear unlawful force without actually using it on them to inflicting grievous bodily damage on them with the purpose to do so.

Our common assault Solicitors in Hounslow represent clients accused of daily attacks in the police station. If necessary, we can assist in arranging a confidential, voluntary interview. We can represent individuals throughout their cases because we have an in-house higher court advocate department. We can instruct an expert or specialist Counsel with whom we have long professional connections if a case involves a niche area of law or topic.

Why should you connect with our CAS assault solicitors?

Our crew has in-depth knowledge of all elements of common assaults, including:

  • Assault by police offer
  • Actual physical harm
  • Assault with a punch
  • Assault with the purpose to elude capture
  • Common assaults
  • Brutal bodily damage
  • Conspiracy to cause serious bodily injury
  • Domestic violence is a serious problem.
  • Intentionally causing grievous bodily harm

Expert medical evidence, identification challenges, and legal arguments are common in defending common assault charges. Our assault Solicitors will evaluate all evidence to advise and represent a person charged with assault adequately. We are regarded as one of the leading criminal defence firms in Hounslow, and we work hard to retain that reputation, understanding that each case is equally significant.

Obtaining funding for your case

We are dedicated to ensuring that anyone accused of assault receives legal assistance as soon as possible. Our assault Solicitors provides both legal aid and private funding options, and we make sure that if a case is privately funded, the costs of our representation are clearly stated.

common assault Solicitors in Hounslow

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