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Are you involved in a construction dispute, or has your office’s extension or renovation not been finished as agreed? Are you looking for a Commercial Litigation Solicitor in Wembley who specialises in these types of cases? Contact our Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Wembley for a free first consultation over the phone.

Eventually, depending on the nature of your issue, we can provide Fixed fee or hourly rate guidance. In addition, our Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Wembley provide comprehensive advice and representation on a wide range of civil, commercial, and administrative law issues.

We understand that individuals, small enterprises, corporate clients, or anyone else may be involved in legal issues. Therefore, it is best to Consult A Solicitor during the earliest stages of the problem so that our lawyers can analyse the situation and find the finest solutions for the client.

Most people and businesses will disagree with another person or persons, a firm, a municipal authority, or a government agency at some point. Even the smallest of commercial issues, such as purchasing faulty items, can lead to multi-million-pound battles.

There are no two disputes alike, and CAS’s Commercial Litigation Solicitors Wembley have a plethora of expertise and knowledge in this broad area of the law. We have offices in Wembley, and you can meet with one of our commercial litigation solicitors in Wembley at any of our locations, whichever is most convenient for both of you.

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We realise that anyone having difficulty with the law requires careful and attentive advice. We provide this regardless of the size or complexity of the issue since we understand that each case is unique. Please contact us to schedule an introductory consultation to determine if we can assist you.

We have a strong team of immigration lawyers and barristers that have built a broad global client base ranging from businesses and corporations to private individuals and their families. They have extensive experience and dedication to all facets of Immigration law, with a proven track record of success in complex matters.

This has included judicial review applications and appeals to Immigration Tribunals. The department understands that each situation is unique and we tailor our services to each customer. Kindly contact us if you require assistance with this area of law.

To understand the procedure and legalities of Immigration, it is time to consult a solicitor at our firm. For all information, you can write to us at or book an appointment with one of our experts on 02039300780.

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