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If you become embroiled in a dispute, whether it involves your company or you personally, it can swiftly escalate into expense and complexity. All of this comes with no promise of success. The longer it takes to resolve the disagreement, the more money it will cost you and the more damage it will do to your reputation and business.

As a consequence, it is critical to guarantee that conflicts and disputes at all levels are resolved as soon as feasible. Wherever possible, our Civil Litigation Solicitors in Uxbridge promote Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a viable alternative to going to court. You can save time and money while keeping complete discretion by resolving your disputes and disagreements outside the courts.

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We promote mediation for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is the most common and favoured way of Alternative Dispute Resolution. This involves  bringing in an independent and unbiased third party to act as a neutral mediator following negotiations.

The mediator helps people concerned in a dispute to analyse the matter objectively because they have no financial or emotional links to any of the parties involved. Therefore, it is frequently possible to establish a fair and friendly arrangement in this way, with no need for further action.

However, any agreements established during mediation are not legally enforceable until they are written down and signed by all of the parties concerned. You can contact the best Solicitors in Uxbridge at our firm for the most suitable suggestions.

Civil Litigation Solicitors in Uxbridge

Consult A Solicitor for an Expert Appraisal for ADR

The parties to the dispute can determine whether they want the neutral decision of the third party to be legally binding before the expert review begins. If that is the case, it is known as ‘expert determination,’ which may help you resolve even the most difficult conflicts quickly and fairly.

The main distinction between mediation and arbitration is that a neutral third party decides whether or not the dispute should be settled in the latter. Unlike mediators, who assist the parties in seeing the issue from a more objective standpoint, arbitrators go one step further and make a ruling on the dispute.

As a result, arbitration is frequently used as a follow-up to mediation if early efforts to address the matter fail. If the arbitrator’s decision is deemed insufficient or inappropriate, the courts may raise the case.

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