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You don’t want to squander your time in court, whether you’re planning a case or have already been sued. However, if you do need to litigate, you can count on our Civil Litigation Solicitors in Kingston to provide staunch representation in court or through alternative dispute resolution.

In contrast to criminal punishment, civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties seeking monetary damages or individual performance. Our team of professional Civil Litigation Lawyers Kingston specialise in this field and have represented clients in administrative agencies federal and state courts in trials, hearings, arbitration, and mediation.

Our firm delivers unparalleled representation to our clients and has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in court for several years. In all elements of civil litigation, we have successfully defended insurance companies, municipal corporations, school districts, and businesses, as well as successfully pursued claims for plaintiffs, including:

  • Accidents in automobiles
  • Accidents in the construction industry
  • Accidents involving slipping and falling
  • Conflicts over boundaries, easements,
  • Contractual disagreements
  • Defending against road design flaws
  • Defence of civil rights and the use of excessive force
  • Defence of professional liability
  • Disputes over partnerships and businesses
  • Liability for products

Civil litigation is a non-criminal branch of the law that involves two or more parties involved in a legal dispute over a wide range of problems. The outcome can range from mediation to a courtroom resolution.

Civil Litigation Solicitors in Kingston

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CAS attorneys use their considerable trial and appellate expertise to swiftly examine the critical issues in your case that are critical to resolving your disagreement with speed and prudence. We understand the importance of lowering litigation costs, and we successfully handle your case with that goal in mind.

Our goal is to help you resolve any disagreement as quickly as possible. We are skilled negotiators, but if a settlement cannot be reached, our attorneys are zealous litigators who will aggressively pursue your case in court. In addition, our civil litigation attorneys are skilled at using alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration to expedite your case and lower your litigation costs.

Our attorneys have represented a diverse spectrum of parties in civil litigation situations and continue to do so. Throughout the lawsuit process, we endeavour to give personal and meaningful guidance. Our main goal is to reach a satisfactory resolution for you, whether through a negotiated settlement or a trial. In any case, we’re working for you.

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