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Before filing a child abuse claim, many people wonder: ‘do I have a case?’ ‘what will happen if I file a claim?’ will my family and friends find out?, and ‘will I have to go to court?’ If you are not quite ready to talk yet, we hope you will find answers to some of your initial enquiries below. If you feel comfortable meeting with our Child Abuse Solicitors in London, we will come to you free of charge, with no commitment, and in complete confidence We can talk to you about your experiences and, if you want, make some private enquiries. We will tell you if you have a winnable case and explain your alternatives based on this information.

What should you do when a loved one is a victim?

If you are a victim of a physical crime in the United Kingdom, you have three options for filing a personal injury claim for compensation. You can file directly against the perpetrator (although ensuring that compensation is paid might be difficult), your employer or the organisation responsible for your care. You can also file against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Our Child Abuse Lawyers will be able to advise you on your choices for filing a compensation claim. You do not need to wait for a successful criminal prosecution to file a claim. However, you must file a claim with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority within two years of the crime being committed. Thus we urge that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Child Abuse Solicitors in London

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It may feel as if there is no one to turn to if you were abused as a child or are the parent or caretaker of a child who has been used. However, there are procedures and support systems to assist you, and our child abuse attorneys may assist you in pursuing compensation from those involved.

We at CAS recognise that the particular nature of child abuse claims necessitates specialised expertise, experience, and, most importantly, compassion. That is why we have a dedicated team of solicitors who have been dealing with child abuse cases for nearly two decades.

Throughout your case, we will work closely with you in complete confidence. Our lawyers have dedicated their careers to assisting survivors of sexual and physical abuse, and we can help you as well.

It is natural to have reservations about filing a child abuse compensation claim, with the fear of having to face an abuser in court foremost amongst them. However, most cases are settled out of court in our experience, and we will strive diligently to seek an out-of-court settlement in your case. If you do have to go to court, we will be there to represent and support you throughout the process.

We want you to trust us and help us come out of the problem fast. So call our team on 02039300780 for more details.

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