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We can act for you discreetly and sensitively because of our reputation as experts in sexual offences

Our Blackmail and Extortion Solicitors Hounslow represent professionals on a regular basis and appreciate the importance of preserving their reputations and careers. We can also help with any related disciplinary or regulatory action. Depending on the facts of the case, we will enlist the help of appropriate experts to construct a compelling defence.

If the threat or demand was made by mail, for example, a fingerprint expert or a handwriting expert may be necessary, as well as voice experts if there is a recording. If the crime was committed online, we have the competence in cybercrime and fraud, as well as partnerships with experts, to handle your case effectively.

The crime of blackmail is a serious one. To be found guilty, the prosecution must show that a demand was made to someone, together with substantial or significant threats about what would happen if they did not comply with the demand.

The demand must be irrational, and the threats must be an ineffective method of enforcing it. The blackmailer must demonstrate that he is seeking a gain for himself or a loss for someone else. Ex-lovers, cybercriminals, and organised crime are only some of the scenarios that can be included in this offence.

People are increasingly being charged with and being victims of “sextortion.” This is when blackmailers threaten to expose sexually explicit photographs or content of the victim online or to the victim’s loved ones or family if money isn’t given.

Blackmail and Extortion Solicitors Hounslow

Why should you work with our blackmail and extortion solicitors Hounslow?

Our blackmail and kidnap lawyers have many years of experience

Being accused of blackmail can be a terrifying experience. From the first interrogation at the police station to trial and/or sentence, our serious crime team will be there for you. Our experienced defence attorneys have several years of experience fighting for the rights of our clients.

We are concerned

We are committed to zealously defending each and every client. We will give you advice on the evidence and work with you to establish a case strategy. Interviewing witnesses, educating expert witnesses, and running legal arguments on evidence exclusion and witness anonymity may all be part of the process. To provide the greatest litigation and advocacy, we collaborate with leading barristers and higher court advocates.

We will fight on your behalf

Our blackmail and kidnap lawyers have dealt with people who have never been involved in the criminal court system before as well as multi-handed, large-scale organised crime enterprises. We take pride in fighting for each customer with zeal and a customised approach that meets their specific demands. To know more, please call us at 02039300780 or write to us at

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